1948 China Navy Souvenir jacket

This vintage jacket was made in the 1940s as a souvenir of a tour in China. It is a waist length wool jacket, with shirt style pockets and an extension tab waistband. The quality of the wool makes me think the jacket itself was Theatre made rather than a cut down uniform. It is embroidered with dragons on the insides of the cuffs, liberty cuff style, a junk and a rickshaw on the breast pockets, and a dragon on the back. The back reads, “Tsing Tao, Hong Kong, Shanghai, China, 1948”. The front of the jacket bears the original owner’s name, Don C. Yanders, who served aboard submarines during WWII and who was stationed in China in the immediate post-war years.

Chest (pit to pit): 19″ (doubled = 38″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 18″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25-1/2″
Length (base of collar to hem): 22″

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Swiss army overcoat

This vintage overcoat was made for the Swiss Army. It is made of gray green wool. It is double breasted, with epaulettes and button belt loops. It is half-lined.

Chest (pit to pit): 25″ (doubled = 50″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 20″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25″ (though depending on where cuff is, can be between 24″ and 30″)
Length (base of collar to hem): 49″

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1950s Swedish / German Goatskin utility jacket


This vintage leather jacket was sold by Albackens of Malung, Sweden. The design is typical of what was coming out of German shops of this period. It is made of black goatskin, in a classic utility jacket style. It has a zipp zipper. There are a number of teeth missing on the zippers, but it still zips up well. There are buckle adjusters on the sides, and button tabs on the sleeves. The leather has a wonderful patina.

Chest (pit to pit): 19″ (38″ chest)
Shoulder to shoulder: 16″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 22″
Length: 23″

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Mouton Collar Trench Coat by Zero King


This vintage overcoat was made in the late 1940s or early 1950s by “Zero King” out of their “Mountain Cloth”.  It has exaggerated wide bold look shoulders, a brown mouton collar.  The body is lined in sheepskin, the sleeves in quilt.  The sheepskin is in poor condition, with tears. The body of the coat and the collar are in excellent shape.
Chest: 22″ (doubled = 44″)
Shoulder to Shoulder: 20-1/2″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25″
Length: 51″







The McDorsey Yukon trench coat

This vintage coat was made just post WWII.  It is a double breasted trench coat style, with a mouton sheepskin collar, and a combination alpaca pile and quilted satin lining.  The gabardine shell of the coat is a medium blue color.  There is a detachable belt.  The coat was made by McDorsey Sportswear and is their “Yukon” model. One of the buttons does not match and there is wear to the bottom edge of the quilted liner.
Chest (pit to pit): 22-1/2″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25″
Shoulder to Shoulder: 18″
Length (collar to hem): 39″