Hat intro Primer

For those of you new to hats, here’s a brief intro to terms and styles. For the sake of simplicity and easy reading, a lot of the finer points have been omitted, but this will at least get you started.

General Hat Styles

Common hat creases

Hat Parts

Types of Brim Edges

Types of sweatbands


11 thoughts on “Hat intro Primer

  1. Does anybody know where I could order the raw felt from which a hat is made? I have a hat maker here where I live in Eastern Europe but she is not savvy about where to get the materials.

  2. I would lile to know how much would a Fedora, Trilby, Panama, or Porkpie XL cost. I would love to get this for my my husband he would go crazy. Please email email me soon thanks in advance Silvia…….

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