Duofold half-zip shirt

This vintage shirt was made by Duofold, of Mohawk, NY, a company noted for their knitwear. This is an early version of their “Sportsman’s Doublet”. It is made from Duofold’s two-layer fabric, which features an outer layer of 100% wool for warmth, and an inner layer of 100% cotton for comfort. There is an early talon zipper, and green buttons.

Chest (pit to pit, unstretched): 20″
Chest (pit to pit, stretched): 25″
Shoulder to shoulder: 18″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25″
Length (base of collar to hem): 27-1/2″
Collar: 16-1/2″

 photo IMG_1742.jpg
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 photo IMG_1745.jpg
 photo IMG_1747.jpg
 photo IMG_1748.jpg



1950s Saddle Sturdy Brand western vest


This vintage double breasted vest was made in the 1950s by the Saddle Sturdy Brand / Glenshore / Denver, Colorado. It has a green plaid corduroy front, fancy buttons, and a yellow back and lining.

Chest (pit to pit): 21″

 photo IMG_1784.jpg
 photo IMG_1786.jpg
 photo IMG_1787.jpg
 photo IMG_1788.jpg

Palladium Lace up Shirt


This vintage shirt was made by Palladium Fifth Avenue in the 1950s. This type of lace up pullover was popular following inclusion of a similar style in such programs as Disney’s Davy Crockett serial. This sueded cotton version is a fairly sedate interpretation of that look.

Chest (pit to pit): 23″
Shoulder to shoulder: 18″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24″

 photo IMG_1758.jpg
 photo IMG_1759.jpg
 photo IMG_1760.jpg
 photo IMG_1761.jpg

Austin Ltd. Red wool vest


This vintage vest was sold under the Auston, Ltd., New York label. It has a red wool front, copper colored back and striped lining. It features nicely shaped points, a darted, four pocket front, pointed pocket flaps. The red buttons are a nice touch. “British” marked buckle on the back.

Chest (pit to pit): 22″


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 photo IMG_1765.jpg
 photo IMG_1766.jpg
 photo IMG_1768.jpg
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 photo IMG_1770.jpg

7-1/4 1930s Stetson No. 1 quality cowboy hat


This vintage hat was made in the 1930s by the John B. Stetson company. It bears their “No. 1 Quality” designation. The dressweight felt has an unusual rose color. The liner is a complementary pink, with a highly detailed stamp. It was originally sold in Vinita, OK by “The Army Store”.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 3-1/8″
Crown Height: 6″

 photo IMG_1705.jpg
 photo IMG_1706.jpg
 photo IMG_1708.jpg
 photo IMG_1709.jpg
 photo IMG_1710.jpg
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7-1/4 1940s Stetson Flaship


This vintage fedora was made in the 1940s by the John B. Stetson company. It is an early version of their “Flagship” model. It has a double-stitched pressed underwelt brim edge, and a rust colored ribbon. The sweatband has an early style “stars” crest. The felt designation is worded “Royal Stetson DeLuxe”, instead of the usual (later) phrasing “Royal DeLuxe Stetson”. It has a narrow, unreeded sweatband.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 2-3/4″
Crown Height: 5-1/2″
Ribbon Width: 1-1/2″

 photo IMG_1719.jpg
 photo IMG_1720.jpg
 photo IMG_1721.jpg
 photo IMG_1722.jpg
 photo IMG_1723-1.jpg
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 photo IMG_1725.jpg

1910s Stetson velour fedora hat


This vintage hat was made in the 1920s by the John B. Stetson company. It is made of a luxuriant fur felt velour. It has a raw edge brim, flanged somewhere in-between what we now think of as a fedora, and a homburg. It has a twisted bow with an intentionally frayed trailing edge, a popular detail at that time. It was originally sold by the Marshall Field Company. The sweatband bears their stamp, but not the Stetson mark. The back of the leather shows Stetson’s stamp, Lot 5992, which places the sweatband in somewhere in the early 1920s timeframe. There are signs of stitching from an unreeded sweatband, which would indicate that this early 1920s sweatband is a replacement, and that the hat itself was made prior to WWI.
The felt is in very good shape, as is the sweatband.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 2-5/8″
Crown Height:
Ribbon Width:

 photo IMG_1726-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1727.jpg
 photo IMG_1728-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1729-1.jpg
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 photo IMG_1732-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1733-1.jpg
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1900s 7-1/4 Nutria hat


This vintage hat was made right around the turn of the 20th century. It is not marked as to the maker, but the sweatband is marked XXX Nutria Warranted. This style was popular as a city style in the 1900-1910 period. It has a western style curled brim, and a short, uncreased crown, similar to what was on a Stetson Boss of the Plains.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 2-1/2″
Crown Height: 4-1/2″
Ribbon Width: 1-1/4″

 photo IMG_1736-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1737.jpg
 photo IMG_1738.jpg
 photo IMG_1739-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1740.jpg
 photo IMG_1741.jpg
 photo IMG_1742-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1743-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1746.jpg
 photo 190356Stitch.jpg,br>

1920s Berg 7-1/4 fedora hat


This vintage fedora was made by Berg hats in the late 1920s or early 1930s. It has a stitched underwelt brim edge. It has a long bow with an intentionally frayed trailing edge, as was the style of the time. The other side has a very nice period styling detail, a twisted ribbon. Inside is a black leather sweatband, with a blind embossed “Berg” logo. The sweatband has finely spaced stitching, and a decoratively embossed top edge. While brown leather sweatbands became the norm in the 1930s-1950s, black sweatbands like this were relatively common in the 1920s. The leather is still wonderfully soft and supple. It has a taped rear sweatband seam, also a typical detail of the period. The hat was sold at D’Toggery Inc., of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 2-1/8″
Crown Height: 5-3/4″
Ribbon Width: 1-1/2″

 photo IMG_1747-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1749.jpg
 photo IMG_1751-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1752-1.jpg
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7-3/8 Henri Henri fedora hat


This hat was made in Germany and sold by Henri Henri of Montreal, Canada. The raw edge brim with minimal flanging makes me think this hat was released in the wake of the release of Indiana Jones, when this style made a resurgence. The hat originally sold for $245.

Size: 7-3/8
Brim Width: 2-3/4″
Crown Height: 5-1/4″
Ribbon Width: 1-1/2″

 photo IMG_1761-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1762.jpg
 photo IMG_1763-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1764.jpg
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 photo IMG_1767.jpg