1950s Italian Navy bridge coat

This vintage overcoat was made in Italy for the Italian Navy. While it appears to have been produced in the 1950s from the label, save for the gold anchor buttons, the silhouette, with its sharp peak lapels, belted and pleated back, and nipped waist have a distinctly 1930s look. Switch out the gold buttons for black plastic and you have the perfect pre-war civilian overcoat.

Chest (pit to pit): 22″ (doubled = 44″)
Shoulder to shoulder:20-1/2″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24″
Length (base of collar to hem): 42″

 photo DSCF8322.jpg

 photo DSCF8323.jpg

 photo DSCF8325.jpg

 photo DSCF8327.jpg

 photo DSCF8329.jpg

 photo DSCF8328.jpg

 photo DSCF8324.jpg

 photo DSCF8330.jpg

 photo DSCF8331.jpg


7-1/2 Borsalino Homburg


This vintage homburg hat was made by Italy’s premier hatmaker, Borsalino. It is a classic, understated homburg style, with a relatively wide brim and beautiful soft fur felt. It was made for the European market and sold by Fratelli Cevini, P. Borsa 4, Trieste. As such, it is sized in the European “Punti” system. A “Punti” 7 equates to a US 7-1/2. While the felt and trimmings are in great shape, the inside of the hat has some issues. The reed has come through the reed tape, and stitches are dropped around the sweatband, so I would recommend replacement. The liner’s crown protector is missing, and there is a hole through the tip logo.

Size: 7-1/2
Brim Width: 3″
Ribbon Width: 1-3/4″
Crown Height: 5-1/2″

 photo IMG_1798.jpg
 photo IMG_1799.jpg
 photo IMG_1800.jpg
 photo IMG_1801.jpg
 photo IMG_1802.jpg
 photo IMG_1804.jpg
 photo IMG_1806.jpg
 photo IMG_1807.jpg
 photo IMG_1810.jpg

Italian Police jacket no. 2

A second version of a jacket I sold a couple of months ago, in much better shape.


This vintage jacket was made in Italy by “Giusti”. It is police issue, a double breasted style. It has raglan shoulders, buttoned tabs on the sleeves, a buttoned throat latch, and slash handwarmer pockets. It has a blanket wool lining. The leather is in great shape.

Chest (pit to pit): 25″
Sleeve (center of collar to cuff): 33″

 photo IMG_4290.jpg
 photo IMG_4292.jpg
 photo IMG_4293.jpg
 photo IMG_4294.jpg
 photo IMG_4295.jpg
 photo IMG_4296.jpg

Donna Karan Signature four pocket blazer

This jacket was made by Donna Karan Signature.  It was made in Italy of 100% Rayon.  It has a nice heavy drape to the fabric, but a feel similar to raw silk.  It has a 1920s influenced cut, with wide lapels and double, flapped patch breast pockets.
 Chest: 22″ (doubled = 44″ = size 40)
Shoulder to Shoulder: 18-1/2″
Sleeve: 24″
Length: 33″







Borsalino Mink 40

A high priced hat when new, this Borsalino didn’t make its journey through time the best. ‘The sweatband had gone kind of crispy, the hat had lost its oval block and turned into a circle, and the mink fur felt had a weird greasy feel to it. When I got it, it had a fitted vinyl rain cover.