Dobbs West cowboy hat

This vintage cowboy hat was made by Dobbs West and sold in Jackson Hole Wyoming by Ranch Shops.  It is a 7-1/2 with a 3″ brim.

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Brown Borsalino thin ribbon fedora

This vintage fedora was made by Borsalino in the 1950s. This was the first real hat I bought, about nine and a half years ago. It’s been sitting in a box for the last seven or so of that, so I suppose it’s time for it to join the store stock up for sale.  It is made of lightweight brown fur felt, and likely was sold as a roller in one of Borsalino’s triangular hat boxes when new.  It is an export model, evidenced by the English on the sweatband.  It has a moderately narrow ribbon with an elastic wind string and narrow binding. The hat is a 7-1/4, with a 2-3/4″ brim and a 5-5/8″ crown.

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Stetson 4X Stetson Open Road

This hat was made by the John B. Stetson Company.  It is their iconic Open Road style, with a thin ribbon, narrow binding and a fedora flanged brim. This one has the model name marked on the reorder tag rather than the sweatband, is made of heavier weight modern felt, has the Stetson Authentic X hologram sticker still on the sweatband, and is a 4X quality felt.  While the reorder tag puts the brim at 2-3/4″, it measures out to 2-7/8″.

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5X Beaver Resistol cowboy hat
This vintage cowboy hat was made in the 1950s for the CR Anthony Company from XXXX Beaver fur felt. From the style of the sweatband, the “Hand Creased” logo and the style of the reorder tag (partly missing) under the sweatband, it’s safe to say that this was made by Resistol as a house label hat for Anthony. It measures a 7-1/8

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Globe Clothing Company blue thin ribbon fedora
This vintage hat was made in the late 1930s-early 1940s and was sold in Helena, Montana by the Globe Clothing Company. It is a thin ribbon fedora style, in a vibrant shade of blue. It is made from lightweight fur felt, is unlined, and is a size 7-1/8.

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Globe Clothing Company blue fedora hat
This hat was made in the late 1930s-early 1940s and was sold by the Globe Clothing Company of Helena, Montana. It has a mid-with ribbon, wide brim binding, and distinctive blue green felt. It is made from lightweight fur felt, has a relatively flat flange to the brim which gives more of a flop than a snap, and is unlined. It is a 7-1/8.

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Rocky Mountain Hat Company custom cowboy hat
This hat was made by the high-end custom Rocky Mountain Hat Company of Bozeman, Montana for Dave Viers Jr. It is pure beaver and has a wide, curled brim, high crown and distinctive arrow point ribbon. A comparable hat from Rocky Mountain Hat co now would run in the range of $800, with an eight month wait time. It is a 7-1/4 and has a 4-7/8″ brim.

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