Borsalino fedora

This vintage hat was made by Borsalino for the export market.  It is a size 7-3/8 with a 1-7/8″ brim.

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1920s Borsalino Fedora

Here’s another one that’s been in my collection for a long time.  This Borsalino was made in the 1920s, with a classic straight sided crown, nearly flat brim and wide ribbon with a twisted knot bow.  Made for the export market, this one has an unreeded sweatband with a laced, crimped top edge and was sold by A.L. Rafuso of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada.  It is a 7-1/4 with a 2-1/2″ brim and 5-1/2″ crown.

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Brown Borsalino thin ribbon fedora

This vintage fedora was made by Borsalino in the 1950s. This was the first real hat I bought, about nine and a half years ago. It’s been sitting in a box for the last seven or so of that, so I suppose it’s time for it to join the store stock up for sale.  It is made of lightweight brown fur felt, and likely was sold as a roller in one of Borsalino’s triangular hat boxes when new.  It is an export model, evidenced by the English on the sweatband.  It has a moderately narrow ribbon with an elastic wind string and narrow binding. The hat is a 7-1/4, with a 2-3/4″ brim and a 5-5/8″ crown.

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7-1/2 Borsalino Homburg

This vintage homburg hat was made by Italy’s premier hatmaker, Borsalino. It is a classic, understated homburg style, with a relatively wide brim and beautiful soft fur felt. It was made for the European market and sold by Fratelli Cevini, P. Borsa 4, Trieste. As such, it is sized in the European “Punti” system. A “Punti” 7 equates to a US 7-1/2. While the felt and trimmings are in great shape, the inside of the hat has some issues. The reed has come through the reed tape, and stitches are dropped around the sweatband, so I would recommend replacement. The liner’s crown protector is missing, and there is a hole through the tip logo.

Size: 7-1/2
Brim Width: 3″
Ribbon Width: 1-3/4″
Crown Height: 5-1/2″

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Borsalino Mink 40

A high priced hat when new, this Borsalino didn’t make its journey through time the best. ‘The sweatband had gone kind of crispy, the hat had lost its oval block and turned into a circle, and the mink fur felt had a weird greasy feel to it. When I got it, it had a fitted vinyl rain cover.