Comfort Fit Cap
This vintage cap was made in the 1930s or 1940s. It is made of a lightweight cotton tattersall material, with a ventilated mesh front panel. It has a brown leather sweatband. The liner is marked “Comfort Fit in the American Manner”. The sweatband is still nicely supple.

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1950s Palm Beach dinner jacket
This vintage dinner jacket was made in the mid 1950s by Palm Beach. The jacket bears a variant of the label used 1949-1956 by Palm Beach after they added the location of their mill (Sanford) to the name of their company (Goodall Worsted) to form Goodall Sanford, Inc. Goodall Sanford closed their mills in 1955/1956, so the jacket can not date from any later than that. The dinner jacket features one button styling and a shawl collar. It has a 1949 union tag.

Chest (pit to pit): 21″
Shoulder to Shoulder: 17″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24″
Length (base of collar to hem): 28″

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1950s Resistol Italian Milan porkpie
This vintage hat was made in the 1950s. The milan straw body was made in Italy, and it was finished and sold by Resistol. It has porkpie styling, with a wide grosgrain ribbon, with a back bow. This style was popular for a period in the mid to late 1950s. Despite being marked a 7-1/4, the hat has shrunk and measures and fits as a 7-1/8.

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1960s Penney’s Towncraft swimsuit

These vintage swim trunks were made in the 1960s. They are a long legged style, with a patterned waistband.

Waist (unstretched): 15″ (doubled = 30″)
Waist (stretched): 20″ (doubled = 40″)
Side Seam: 14″
Rise: 12-1/2″

 photo towncraft.jpg

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Stylepark Milan summer straw hat

This vintage milan straw hat was made in the 1960s by Style Park (New York), and was sold in Pennsylvania by John Wannamaker. It is a classic stingy summer style, with a striped hatband, and a teardrop crown. Inside is a ventilated leather sweatband, which is still in good shape, but is a bit dry, so don’t go flipping it inside out or anything like that. There is a tip liner with the Stylepark logo.

Size: 7-3/8
Brim Width: 2-1/8″
Ribbon Width: 1-7/8″

 photo IMG_1820.jpg
 photo IMG_1822.jpg
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Dobbs cuenca panama hat

ama hat was made by Dobbs. It is a cuenca brisa with a sewn underwelt brim edge. It has a green grosgrain ribbon with a fancy two tone checkerboard pattern in the weave. There is a cloth sweatband inside, which gives the hat some “give”.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 2-5/8″
Ribbon Width: 1″

 photo IMG_1813.jpg
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1950s Champ milan flat top straw hat

This is a vintage high quality milan straw summer fedora hat.  It was made by the Champ Hat company in the late 1950s.  It has a nice brown leather sweatband, flat top porkpie styling, with a super wide band and back bow.  
Size: 7-1/4Brim Width: 2-1/8″Band Width: 2-1/2″Crown Height:  4″







1930s All Wool bathing suit

This vintage men’s bathing suit was made in the 1930s. It is navy blue wool with a waffle pattern weave. Double racing stripes down the sides, and a tunneled belt. Diamond shaped crotch gusset, d-ring buckle. The front is lined. I see one small moth bite on the back.

Waist (Unstretched): 11″ (doubled = 22″)
Waist (Stretched): 17″ (doubled =34″)
Rise: 14″
Side Seam: 14″