1960s Resistol / JC Penney


This vintage cowboy hat was made in the 1960s by Resistol and was sold by JC Penney under their house label.  It is a 7-3/8 with a 2-7/8″ brim.

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Resistol Park Lane Beaver 20 fedora hat


This vintage fedora was made in the late 1950s by Resistol, designed by Harry Rolnick.  It is their Beaver Twenty Park Lane model in kitten finish fur felt, originally retailing for $20, making it an expensive hat at the time. It has a fancy pleated lining and Resistol’s Self-Conforming sweatband. It has a cavanagh edge seamless overwelt. It was originally sold at Hastings, California. The brim measures 2-7/16″ and the crown measures 5-3/4″.

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5X Beaver Resistol cowboy hat

This vintage cowboy hat was made in the 1950s for the CR Anthony Company from XXXX Beaver fur felt. From the style of the sweatband, the “Hand Creased” logo and the style of the reorder tag (partly missing) under the sweatband, it’s safe to say that this was made by Resistol as a house label hat for Anthony. It measures a 7-1/8

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Resistol Cowboy Hat

This vintage cowboy hat was made by Resistol. It is chocolate brown and has the brim turned down front and back. It has a three inch brim, the model name is the County Sherif (their spelling, not mine), the official color was known as brass, and the original price was $20.

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Resistol Double X cowboy hat

This vintage hat was made by Resistol in the 1950s. It is rare to come across these early Resistol westerns, and rare to find cowboy hats like this with a bound brim. As you can see from the fade line, it originally had a mid-with ribbon, much wider than usually found on westerns of this era. It has the early Resistol Western liner (Before westerns became Resistol’s bread and butter) and a brown leather sweatband. It was originally sold by Wolf Brothers of Omaha, Nebraska. It is a size 7-1/4.

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