Allen Stockman Suit

I got this vintage suit in today. In the pocket was a letter from the original owner’s wife dated 1947. The original owner’s armed services honorable discharge pin is still on the lapel. I’m not clear on whether this suit is pre-war or immediately post-war, but it seems that it hasn’t been worn in 65 years.

If I had just seen the jacket of this, I would never have thought “suit”. The cut is classic sportswear, with a short body, button adjusters on the sides, an open collar and double buttoned waistband. The heavy material puts it squarely into the realm of someone who spends a lot of time out of doors. A real workwear look, especially with the construction of the pockets. Like some leather jackets of the period, there are suit style buttons on the sleeves. I would almost expect some sort of belted or sunburst pleated back on it, but other than the adjusters, it is just plain.

This Eisenhower style jacket is unlined, with serged seams and a cotton reinforcement panel at the bottom edge.

Now here’s where things really get interesting. It’s a suit! It has a button fly, wide fancy western style belt loops to accommodate a wide western belt. Watch pocket, and western style pockets.

Made by Allen Brand
Stockman’s Garments
Denver, CO
Western Made for the Westerner

The jacket still bears the original owner’s ruptured duck discharge pin and American Legion pin

Details of the Pocket and Cuff