Dancer the Hatter custom cowboy hat

This hat was made by Dancer the Hatter, San Antonio, Texas from 100% pure beaver felt. It has a 3-3/8″ brim and a 5-3/4″ crown. It is a size 6-5/8.

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1940s Gulf Coast Hat Works cowboy hat
This vintage hat was custom made in the 1940s by the Gulf Coast Hat Works of 2209 W. Main Street, Baytown, Texas. It is their San Jacinto model. It has a fancy pleated lining, old fashioned taped rear seam, extremely fine stitching on the reeded sweatband and an unusual burgundy color to the fur felt. It is a 6-7/8 Long oval.
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1950s Peters Bros Shady Oak Banker’s Special
This vintage hat was made by Peters Bros Inc of Fort Worth, Texas. It is the Texas Hat, the Shady Oak Bankers Special One Hundred. Costing $100 new in the 1950s, this was an incredibly fine high end hat, made from Swiss felt. It was made for a Max Krauss. Please remember that the X rating system has inflated grossly over the years and that it has no consistency from manufacturer to manufacturer, so the 6X rating on this made it, at the time, one of the finest hats money could buy. It is a 6-7/8.

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White Chimayo Blanket Vest
This vintage Chimayo Indian blanket vest was made by Americraft of El Paso, Texas, probably in the 1970s. The design and cut of these vests changed very little since the 1930s or earlier. This one has a white field, with black, turquoise, red and yellow pattern. It is a one button version, with a loop closure. The button is missing.

Chest (pit to pit): 21″
Length: 21-1/2″

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Peters Bros Shady Oak Bankers Special 75
This vintage hat was made in Fort Worth Texas by Peters Bros. It is a “Shady Oak Banker’s Special”, and originally sold for seventy five dollars, making it more than three times as expensive as an average fur felt Stetson of the time. It is made from dress weight beaver felt. The hat is styled similarly to an earlier Stetson Playboy, with a raw brim with a stitched edge detail and a thin ribbon. At some time, the hat must have had some work done, as it has a liner from Fort Worth’s other noted hatter, Hatter’s Hats.

Size: 7
Brim Width: 2-1/2″
Crown Height: 5-3/8″

Peters Bros Shady Oak Bankers Special One Hundred
This vintage hat was custom made by Peters Brothers of Fort Worth, Texas. It is their famed “Shady Oak Banker’s Special” model, in the One Hundred grade, meaning that when it originally retailed for $100, at a time when the average fur felt hat in a comparable style was running about $20. The hat has a seamless welt edge. Cavanagh called their version the Cavanagh Edge. Stetson called theirs the Mode Edge. The hat has a narrow, western style single cord hat band.

Size: 7-5/8″
Brim Width: 2-3/4″
Crown Height: 5-1/2″

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Stetson Moose River

This hat was made by the John B. Stetson company for LL Bean. It is a variation on the classic “Open Road” model, but with a narrower, raw edge. It looks like the original owner followed the marketing and wore it as a rugged outdoorsy type of fedora. As such, the sweatband needs to be replaced.

Size: 7-1/8
Brim Width: 2-1/2″
Crown Height: 5-1/4″

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Marshall High School Band Jacket

This band uniform was made by Sol Frank Uniforms of San Antonio, Texas for Richard Hyder, of Marshall High School. Marshall, Texas. It has a double breasted bib front with a large M on it in blue and white. The white vinyl piping around the stand collar is badly cracked. It is tagged as a size 36, and the tailor’s tag indicates the wearer had a 40-1/2″ chest. The jacket’s 46″ chest measurement indicates it’s more in the size 42 territory.

Chest (pit to pit): 23″
Shoulder to shoulder: 19″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24″

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El Paso Chaps

Vintage chaps with El Paso lettering. Saddlebag style pockets with leather knot closure.  Great detailing, with creme colored leather and red lettering. Wonderful patina and grain. Star conchos, riveted pockets.









Master Hatters of Texas

This hat was made by the Masterhatters of Texas (MHT).  It has a self felt band with a metal detail bearing the MHT logo where a buckle or bow would usually be.  Cattleman’s crease. The sweatband indicates it is a 3X felt, but the quality is fairly coarse.  Size 7-5/8