1940s Portis Fedora

This vintage fedora was made in the 1940s by Portis. It is their “Crest” model. It has a wide brim with narrow binding, a teardrop crown and a mid-width ribbon with distinctively Portis mother of pearl ring in place of a traditional bow. It has a transitionally reeded sweatband, marked, “Portis – America’s Best Value”, “Swansback Water Repellent – Cushion Band”, and, “Montana’s Largest Mens Store – Weins – 33 35 37 E Park St. Butte”. The liner has the Portis logo and reads, “Portis – Fashioned By Hand – Swan’s Down Finish”.

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Portis 15 cowboy hat

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This hat was made in the 1950s by Portis.  It sold new in the 1950s for $15, which bought a high quality hat at the time.  It is marked 2X beaver, but the X system is meaningless, as it varies manufacturer to manufacturer and year to year- that is to say, a vintage 2X by one manufacturer could be the same quality as a vintage 5X by a different manufacturer as a 30X by a modern manufacturer.  It has Portis’s Swans Down finish.  It has a high quality leather sweatband with a backing membrane to stop perspiration from staining the felt.  It has a relatively low crown, which is creased in a fedora style diamond crease.  It has a three cord ribbon with a fancy bow.  Very nicely done trimming on this one.Size: 7-1/8Brim Width: 3-1/4″Crown Height: 5-1/4″Ribbon Width: 3/8″