Ties for sale!

Vintage ties from the 1930s-1950s from Van Heusen, Arco, Towncraft, Rapson, Regal, National Shirt Shops, Hollyvogue, Arrow, Penneys, Wembley, Raxon, Trojan and Fashion Craft.

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1960s horse themed curling sweater

This vintage sweater was hand-knit in the 1960s. It has an equestrian theme, with a horse head on the back and a horseshoe on the front. It has the original owner’s name, Bill, knit into the pattern. The cardigan has a Talon zipper, of the design which was used starting in the late 1950s.

Chest (pit to pit, unstretched): 22″ (doubled = 44″)
Chest (pit to pit, stretched): 30″ (doubled = 60″)
Center of collar to end of sleeve: 36″
Length (Base of collar to hem): 23″

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1930s canvas saddlebags

This vintage canvas bag was made in the 1930s. It has early talon zippers, with the D shaped stoppers at the top (before they switched to the solid metal stops in the ’40s) and a rare variant of the bell-shaped pull. The slider is of the plain-back style (no stampings) which was used in the early-mid 1930s. The end of the opening on the bag is leather reinforced. Unlike regular saddlebags, which are essentially two bags with a separate connection piece, these are a single, continuous bag, shaped roughly like a barbell. The ends are bucket-bottomed, and have drainage grommets both in the bottom and on both sides. The zippers open the entire bag and run vertically, as opposed to the horizontal openings usually seen on this type of bag. The heavy canvas started out life as a deep forest green, as can be seen in the last photograph, but has faded heavily over time. This is perfect for motorcycles or just as a rugged over-the shoulder carryall.

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NYPD Leather Jacket


This vintage leather jacket was originally used by the New York Police Department. It is a heavy leather, in a classic utility jacket. The previous owner de-policed the look by removing the false breast pocket flaps and buttons, as well as the patches. It has two-directional talon zippers. The epaulettes have brass buttons with the seal of New York. The design of the NY seal was changed in 1977 to bear the date 1625. This is the earlier variant, with the date 1664. The jacket has a removable pile lining, attached with a Talon zipper. There are two interior pockets, and a pen pocket. There are stitch marks where there was once a label. The jacket has been heavily worn.
Chest (pit to pit): 22″
Shoulder to Shoulder: 18″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24″
Length: 24″

From the last owner:

I found this jacket in a dumpster on broadway in soho (just north of prince street) in the early 80’s. it still had the police equestrian patches and “brass” on it. I thought it was a godsend, fit me perfectly. I wore this jacket for years. I wore it on a trip through japan and china in 1986. this jacket is VERY near and dear to me, hence why I’m trying to sell it despite it’s poor condition, I can’t BEAR to throw it away, it breaks my heart to part with it, I swear I’m teary eyed typing this. I tried to give it away to 4 of my successive girlfriends throughout the years but I either got it returned to me or they told me to “hold on it for them”. I’m hoping someone with a strong desire to own a nice (“cool”) leather jacket who wants to buy one cheap will come along who also has substantial sewing skills and wants to invest the time in making the sewing repairs necessary. oh, one tidbit, one side of the zipper was starting to come undone while I was in china and I met a street tailor in beijing who kindly sewed it back in place for me. I was absolutely OVERJOYED. me, I think this is a lovely jacket, it has a magnificent patina of age and wear, I think it’s PERFECTLY aged and patinaed. if it would fit me I’d continue to wear it!!


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