1940s car belt buckle


This was made in the early-mid 1940s, with a patriotic shield in one corner and a four door sedan (Lasalle? Packard? It’s abstracted enough that it’s hard to tell) in the other.  The initials BDC are in the center. It measures 1-3/4″ across and best fits a 3/4″ belt.

 photo DSCF4742.jpg

 photo DSCF4745.jpg

Novelty Automotive print cap

This cap was made in the 1950s. It is a lightweight novelty print, with scenes of turn of the century automobiles, motorists and ads. It has a leather sweatband. The liner is marked ” Gold Medal Award – Exclusively For Good Dressers”. The cap has a one piece top construction. There is a stain on the top.

 photo IMG_0016.jpg

 photo IMG_0017.jpg

 photo IMG_0018.jpg

 photo IMG_0019.jpg

 photo IMG_0020.jpg

 photo IMG_0021.jpg

 photo IMG_0023.jpg

Granate Protektor Gauntlets by Wilson


These vintage gauntlets were made are “Granate”  Protektor sold by Wilson Brothers.  They are mitten style, with Wilson branded snaps.  They are in incredible condition, still soft and supple.  Perfect for motoring or motorcycle riding.  I’ve attached an ad from 1910 for similar models from the same company.  Size 9.