Forest Service Stratton Campaign Hat
This hat was made by Stratton for the US Forest Service. It is made from Stratton’s heavyweight fur felt. Originally, it was flanged similar to a fedora, rather than the flat brim of Army or Park Service campaign hats, and had a center dent. It has been re-creased, and the brim has been re-shaped through wear. It is a 7-3/8.

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Stratton Campaign Hat
This campaign hat was made by Stratton. It is unlined, has ventilation grommets, and is a size 7-3/8

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Vintage BSA hat

This old Boy Scouts scoutmaster hat has shrunk up to almost nothing. That’s just what wool felt does when it gets wet, and why, if you can, you should buy fur felt. But what a band. Hand tooled (wonder if someone got a merit badge for that?) with a roller buckle.

Without the sweatband, it’s pretty much impossible to date the hat itself, other than to say “old”.