Stetson Stratoliner
This vintage fedora was made by the John B. Stetson company in the 1950s. It is their legendary “Stratoliner” model, named after the Boeing 307 Stratoliner airplane. The model was similar to Stetson’s “Open Road”, but with slightly more flange to the brim. While the Open road was marketed with more western iconography, the Stratoliner was sold as a modern, sporty hat. This one was made with fur felt of the “Royal” designation. It has a brown leather sweatband, with Stetson’s 1950s crest. It has a three color liner logo, which indicates a date of manufacture towards the end of the decade. This hat was sold by Cronin-Peterson Men’s Wear of Rochester, Minnesota. It still has the original price tag on the sweatband.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 2-1/2″
Ribbon Width: 3/8″
Crown Height: 5-3/8″

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