1940s studded jeweled belt


This vintage belt was made in the 1940s-1950s and was owned by someone named Dick, who carved their name into the leather.  It has jewels and studs, widely spaced. It measures 23-1/2″ at the smallest hole, 27-3/4″ at the largest.

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1930s Studded Jeweled Western Belt


This vintage belt was made in the mid-late 1930s.  It is tooled with a diamond pattern with alternating diamond clusters of small studs and colored jewels.  The belt holes are grommets and there is a tooled keeper.  The original belt buckle was missing when I bought the belt and I have added a Japanese reproduction buckle with a whirling logs motif, which is close to what this would have had when new. The loop for the buckle needs to be re-stitched, at some point before I got it, the original buckle was removed and the belt was re-stitched to a smaller position, indicating multiple owners over its lifetime, as someone else has punched additional holes in the end of the belt to expand it. The belt measures 34″ to the smallest hole, 37″ to the largest grommet, and 39 to the last informal (punched later) hole.

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1930s Jeweled Studded western belt

This vintage belt was made c.1938 and was sold by Sears under the “Cowhand Special” model name. This type of jeweled, studded western belt was popular between about 1933 and 1941, with narrower styles and styles with overlaid contrast leather reviving it in the late 1940s-mid 1950s. This early variant was equally popular with cowboys as it was with the collegiate crowd, and you frequently see these worn in period photos with wide waistband collegiate slacks. This style of belt buckle was used on these belts from 1937-1939.

Belt Width: 1-3/4″
Smallest hole: 26″
Largest Hole: 33″

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1940s-1950s jeweled western belt

This vintage belt was made in the late 1940s – early 1950s. It is made of black leather with a floral pattern, a western belt buckle with metal tip and loop, studs and red and green jewels. It is tagged a size 30, so it would probably work best for someone with a 28″ waist. Although difficult to read, it appears to be stamped that it was made in San Francisco.

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1940s Yellowstone Park souvenir belt

This vintage belt was made in the late 1940s as a souvenir of Yellowstone National Park. It has the belt buckle commonly used on this era of studded belt. The studwork spelling out Yellowstone Park is done in rhinestones instead of the more typical solid metal studs. It is stamped on the back a size 36 and measures 32″ to the smallest hole and 37″ to the largest.
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1930s studded, jeweled western belt

This vintage leather western belt was made in the 1930s. It is made of a natural colored leather with a geometric (squares over octagons) tooled pattern. It has a double prong garrison style buckle. As was popular with western belts of the period, it is embellished with jewels and studs. It is faintly marked “Genuine Full Grain Cowhide Bridle” on the back. This is a rare example of one of the earlier designs of this style.

Sizing (remember to take measurement over pants)
Length to first set of holes: 30-1/2″
Length to last set of holes: 33-1/2″
Belt Width: 1-3/4″

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1940s studded, jeweled western belt

This vintage leather western belt was made in the 1940s. It is made of brown leather with a floral tooled pattern. It has a double prong garrison style buckle. As was popular with western belts of the period, it is embellished with jewels and studs. It is marked “Yellowstone Park” on the back. Was it sold there as a souvenir of the west, or was that a brand name? Whatever the case, it didn’t go far, spending the rest of its life up to this point in Montana.

Sizing (remember to take measurement over pants)
Length to first set of holes: 32″
Length to last set of holes: 34-1/2″
Belt Width: 1-3/8″

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1960s Sears D-Pocket motorcycle jacket

This vintage D-Pocket leather motorcycle jacket was sold by Sears in the late 1960s-early 1970s. Sears introduced their D-Pocket motorcycle jacket model in the late 1940s. A simplified version, made of Steerhide instead of the Horsehide of the original came along in 1953. The model continued to be produced into the early 1970s with few changes. Although all sold by Sears, these were sold under a variety of Sears house brand labels, including Allstate, Sears Outerwear, Sears Fieldmaster, Oakbrook Sportswear and several versions of The Leather Shop label. The label, the hardware, and subtleties of the design help pin down the date of manufacture.

The jacket is made from black steerhide, with a D-Pocket (originally known as a map pocket and also known as a pistol pocket). The pocket on these 1960s models continue to the side seam. There is a smaller flapped cigarette pocket, and a zipper handwarmer/ slash cargo pocket on the other side. The jacket has a red nylon lining, Serval zippers, epaulettes, and a zipper at the collar for a detachable mouton collar. In a tradition dating back to the days of cowboys, and passed down through generations of bikers, the back of the jacket and the epaulettes have been embellished with stud work, in three sizes of studs.

Tagged size: 42
Chest (pit to pit): 23″ (doubled = 46″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 19″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25″
Length (base of collar to hem): 23-1/2″

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