Resistol Stagecoach cowboy hat
This cowboy hat was made by Resistol as part of their old-west styled “Stagecoach” line. It was probably manufactured in the 1980s, and is made of high quality fur felt. It has a great 1920s style, with a wide, curled brim, and a tall crown. The hat has a buckled leather band, appropriate for the 1920s style.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 6-1/2″
Crown Height: 4″

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1940s studded, jeweled western belt
This vintage leather western belt was made in the 1940s. It is made of brown leather with a floral tooled pattern. It has a double prong garrison style buckle. As was popular with western belts of the period, it is embellished with jewels and studs. It is marked “Yellowstone Park” on the back. Was it sold there as a souvenir of the west, or was that a brand name? Whatever the case, it didn’t go far, spending the rest of its life up to this point in Montana.

Sizing (remember to take measurement over pants)
Length to first set of holes: 32″
Length to last set of holes: 34-1/2″
Belt Width: 1-3/8″

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