1980s Davis Hats fedora

This hat was custom made by the Davis Hat Company of New Mexico (Not to be confused with the Davis Hat Company of Texas). The location of Albuquerque given on the sweatband dates the hat from between 1978 to 1998. From the styling, I’d guess the age as mid 1980s, riding the Indiana Jones boom. The hat has a tan body and a darker brown ribbon. The hat has a wide centerdent with front pinches, and a raw edged brim. Inside, the hat has a black leather sweatband, and a liner with the name of the custom shop which made it.

Moth bites scattered on top and bottom of brim and on crown. Of particular note, a large moth bite at the back of the underside of the brim, near the sweatband seam, and a patch of mothing on the underside of the brim at the edge near the front, one of which goes all the way through. Sweatband is in need of replacement- curled, stiff and cracking

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 2-3/4″
Crown Height: 5″
Ribbon Width: 1-7/16″

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