JC Penney straw cowboy hat

This vintage straw hat was made in the late 1960s- 1970s and was sold by JC Penney. Penney’s was known for their hats, formerly retailing their store brand “Marathon” hats. This one is made simply under the JCPenney label. It is made of straw with an open weave, and blocked with a squared off cattleman’s crease. The sweatband, as was the case of many straw hats of the period, is an imitation leather, and has hardened, but is still in solid condition, with no cracking. The hat looks like it was barely ever worn, a rarity for straws like this.

Size: 7-1/8
Brim Width: 3-1/4″

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Bailey B Bar B Cowboy Hat

This vintage cowboy hat was made in the mid to late 1950s by Bailey hats under their “B Bar B” western line. It is made of high quality 3X fur felt. Please remember that the X rating system has inflated grossly over the past half-century, and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This is very nice felt. It is trimmed with a two cord band, and has a raw edge brim. The hat has a brown leather sweatband, stamped with the Bailey logo. It was sold in Bozeman, Montana by Wagner’s.

Size: 7-1/8
Brim Width: 3-1/2″
Crown Height: 5-3/4″

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