1950s Stafford Club atomic fleck jacket

This jacket was made in the 1950s by Stafford Club fine clothes for S&L Stores. It is made of gray wool with red white and blue atomic flecks.

Chest (pit to pit): 22″ (doubled = 44″)
shoulder to shoulder: 18″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24-1/4″
Length (base of collar to hem): 31″

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1950s atomic fleck Marbury Overcoat

This vintage overcoat was made in the early 1950s by Marbury Coats. It has raglan shoulders, a three button front and is made from a fantastic atomic flecked / overcheck wool.
Chest (pit to pit): 24″ (doubled = 48″)
Sleeve (center of collar to end of cuff): 34-1/2′
Length (base of collar to hem): 45″

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1940s FriscoJac

This vintage jacket was made by the Minnesota Woolen Company of Duluth Minnesota under the Frisco Jac label. It is made of a flecky wool material, and is unlined.

Tagged size: 40
Chest (pit to pit): 22″
Shoulder to shoulder: 18-1/2″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 26″
Length (base of collar to hem): 31″

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1950s Atomic Fleck black and white jacket

This vintage jacket was made in the 1950s and was sold by Monarch Clothes, Billings, Montana. It is a bold atomic fleck sportcoat, with a blue-black background and white flecks. It has patch pockets, flapped on the hips, a short vent, and pearloid buttons. It is half-lined, as was typical of jackets of this era, and bears a 1949 union tag.

Chest (pit to pit): 24″ (doubled = 48″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 20″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 27″
Length (base of collar to hem): 32-1/2″

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1950s Kuppenheimer atomic fleck suit

This vintage suit was made in the 1950s by Kuppenheimer and was sold in Livingston, Montana by the Progress Clothing store. It is blue wool with an orange fleck and slubby texture. The suit is single breasted, with a low two button closure and notch lapels. It is half-lined and has a short vent. The pants have drop loops and cuffs.

Chest (pit to pit): 22″ (doubled = 44″) Size 40
Shoulder to shoulder: 18-1/2″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25″
Length (base of collar to hem): 31″

Waist (side to side): 17″ (doubled = 34″)
Inseam: 31″
Outseam: 42″
Rise: 11″

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Tweed Hollywood Jacket

This one may not have the immediate flash and bang of the two tone variety, but it’s wild in its own right.  The cut, those pocket details, and oh that fabric.  This vintage tweed hollywood jacket has some really killer detailing. It has four patch pockets, all are pleated. The larger, lower set are flapped.  The jacket is rolled to the third button, but has five, all evenly spaced. The buttons are leather knot / football type, but could probably stand to be replaced.  The top button is missing, the third is in the pocket, as is one of the sleeve buttons. The jacket is fully lined, but I can not locate any labels.  It has classically ’40s wide padded shoulders.  The flecky tweed is heavy and soft- comfortably casual
.Chest (pit to pit): 23″ (doubled = 46″)
Shoulder to Shoulder: 24″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 19″    PhotobucketPhotobucket




Eagle Clothes


This vintage jacket was made in the 1950s by Eagle Clothes for the Hecht Company.  It is a gray fleckey plaid tweed material, three button cut, with patch pockets.  It has a peach lining.  There are stains on the front, the sleeve cuff, and a sizable moth bite in the back.
Chest: 20″
Shoulder to Shoulder: 16-1/2″
Sleeve: 24″
Length: 31″