Ward’s Powr House hunting boots

These vintage boots were made in the 1950s-1960s for Montgomery Ward under their Wards Powr House workwear label. They are of a moc toe hunting style with speed hooks and and attached tongues. They have air bob soles. They are tagged a size 12E and measure 12-3/4″ heel to toe and 4-3/4″ at the widest point.

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1950s Star Brand work boots

These vintage boots were made between about 1952 and 1955 by Star Brand shoes. They are plain toes, with Cats Paw rubber soles and Light Tread heels. They are stamped inside “Boltan Insole”, and have leather laces.

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1960s riveted cork sole workboots

These vintage boots were made in the 1960s by Outdoorsman. They have riveted cork soles, soft toes, decorative green contrast stitching on brown leather, an ankle high cut and speed lacers. They are a size 7-1/2.

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Captoe dress boots

This vintage pair of boots is typical of dress boots of the 1920s, although the heels and overall construction make me think they were manufactured in the 1940s. They remained popular at that point with older, more conservative markets. They are made of black leather with five eyelets and four speed hooks. They have black flat cotton laces, and a nice curve to the back seam. The boots have Vulcan rubber heels and a leather sole.