Stevens 3X beaver fedora hat
This vintage hat was made in the late 1940s by Stevens. It is a high quality 3x beaver fur felt, with a seamless “hand felted” edge. This was Stevens’ term for their version of the Cavanagh Edge / Mode Edge, a finish no longer available today. The felt is silverbelly with a champagne colored grosgrain ribbon. The Bow has a jaunty slanting knot, and an intentionally frayed trailing edge to the bow, a hold-over of a detail popular in the 1930s and before. Inside, the hat has a brown leather sweatband, marked “Hand Felted Edge”, and with the name of the store it was originally sold at: “President Shops – Troost At 31st, Kansas City, MO”. The liner has the Stevens crest. The re-order tag underneath the sweatband gives the size: a 7-1/2.

Size: 7-1/2
Brim Width: 2-3/4″
Crown Height: 6″
Ribbon Width: 1-3/4″

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