Knox 20 derby hat

This vintage boater was made in the early 1920s by Knox, and originally sold for $20, making it quite an expensive hat in its time.  It has a light russet brown leather sweatband and a pleated lining.  It is a 7-1/4, with a 5-1/8″ crown and a brim which measures 2″ on the front and back, 1-3/4″ at the curl of the side.

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1940s Knox Hats Tom ‘n’ Jerry fedora
This vintage fedora was made by the Knox hat company of New York and is their Tom ‘n’ Jerry model. It has a pleated “shark gill” ribbon, a Knox branded wind string button, double stitched brim edge detail and a suede finish in a sage green color. It was originally sold by Tip Top men’s wear of Woodbury, New Jersey.

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