1910s 1920s fur mittens


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1910s summer vest

This vintage vest was made in the 1910s. It has an incredible weave, be sure to see the close up photo. It has five mother of pearl buttons and a belted back. There are repairs around the buttons, and staining throughout the vest. The belt is missing its buckle, and is pinned up for the photos.

Chest (pit to pit): 20-1/2″ (doubled = 41″)

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The Rayland Bathing Suit

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These trunks were made in the early part of the 20th century, 1920s or prior. They are wool, with a button fly. They have a flapped key / coin pocket. Originally there would have been some kind of top- probably striped, that would have gone along with these. The belt loops are a different color and type of wool- I wonder if they were added later? Seeing as they’re 80 to 100 years old, they do show some age, but I don’t see any stains or moth bites.

Waist (side to side): 17″ (doubled = 34″)
Inseam: 6″
Outseam: 14-1/2″