Reproduction Shawl Collar mackinaw
This vintage coat was made in the 1970s by Jerold for men, with a style heavily influenced by double breasted mackinaw work coats of the 1930s. It is double breasted, with a 3×6 buttoning, a broad shawl collar and knot style buttons on the front and cuffs. It has handwarmer pockets on the chest and flapped cargo pockets.

Tagged size: 42R
Chest (pit to pit): 23″ (doubled = 46″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 19-1/2″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24″
Length (base of collar to hem): 32-1/2″

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1960s Churchill fedora
This vintage fedora was made in the 1960s by Churchill Ltd., It is a beaver “25”, which means it originally sold for $25 (though it was marked up to $27.50) , making it an upmarket hat for the time. It is their “New York” model, has a seamless welt edge (Cavanagh Edge) and is a 7-1/4 Extra Long Oval.

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1940s USPHS bridge coat
This vintage bridge coat was made in the 1940s, during WWII for a director of the USPHS. It was made by SSS clothes and bears a 1939 union label. Unlike most bridge coats with their anchor buttons, this one has special medical buttons for its organisation, with a crossed anchor and Caduceus. There are four braids on the sleeve, which for the Navy would indicate a rank of Captain, and for the US Public Health Service denote a rank of Director.

Chest (pit to pit): 22″ (doubled = 44″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 18″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 26″

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1950s Field and Stream western jacket
This vintage jacket was made in the 1950s in St. Paul, Minnesota by Gordon & Ferguson, Inc. under their Field and Stream label. It is a classic western cut, with peak lapels, a three button front, yoked back, bi-swing shoulders and patch pockets.

Chest (pit to pit): 21″ (doubled = 42″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 18-1/2″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25-3/4″
Length (base of collar to hem): 31″

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1950s-1960s Brent Half-belt
This vintage leather jacket was made for Montgomery Ward in the late 1950s- early 1960s and sold under their Brent label. It is made of leather, with a half-belt back, a surcoat length, Conmar Conmatic main zipper, zippered breast pocket and combination handwarmer/cargo pockets. It has a full quilted lining.

Chest (pit to pit): 24″ (doubled = 48″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 19-1/2″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24-3/4″
Length (base of collar to hem): 28″

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1940s Harris Tweed jacket
This vintage jacket was made in the late 1930s-early 1940s from Hand Woven Harris Tweed. It bears a rare 1937 copyright Harris Tweed label. The jacket has a three button front, is half-lined and has a short vent.

Chest (pit to pit): 22″ (doubled = 44″)
Shoulder to shoulder: 19″
Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 23-1/2″
Length (base of collar to hem): 29″

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