Beat up 7-1/4 derby

This vintage derby has had a hard life. It’s been crushed and glued back together. The ribbon and biding is falling off, the sweatband and liner are missing. Probably good for decoration or costume only. None of the damage is reparable. Marked a size 7-1/4.

 photo IMG_1847.jpg
 photo IMG_1848.jpg
 photo IMG_1850.jpg
 photo IMG_1852.jpg
 photo IMG_1853.jpg

Western String Ties

Harland Sanders may have made him his signature look, but don’t let that limit you. These western style bow ties can be pretty hip in a neo-victorian sort of way.


And then there are these. I don’t quite know what to make of them. Somewhere between a bow tie, a string tie and a long necktie. Cool western branding iron graphics, but I don’t know whether that redeems the design itself. A matched set, so they could look good for a western swing band or something of that sort.