1930s Carlsten NJ fedora hat


This vintage hat was made in the mid-late 1930s for Carlsten of Elizabeth, New Jersey.  It is a classic high crowned gray fur felt fedora with a wide black ribbon and blind stitched underwelt brim.  It has an unreeded sweatband and a 2-5/8″ brim.

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1920s-1930s Hookless Zipper money bag

Made between 1928 and 1932, this vintage bank bag bears the stamp of the Seaside Trust Company, located in Margate, New Jersey, just down the boardwalk from Atlantic City and home to Lucy the Elephant. The bag bears a transitional double marked Hookless + Talon zipper, only produced from 1928 to 1932. There is a snap, marked YEO (presumably the manufacturer of the bank bag), through the hole of the zipper pull.

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Bergen White Homburg / Top Hat hybrid

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This is one of the most unusual vintage hats I’ve come across.  The hat is made of high quality white fur felt.  The crown says top hat, or at least flat top porkpie.  But the brim says homburg. If it were black, it would be like Johnny Depp’s hat in Dead Man.  But it’s white.  With a purple band.  And yet- this is no costume piece.  High quality felt, with equally high quality trimmings.There’s a bit of light staining that should be easy to remove. It’s white and everything shows.  It has a wide, supple russet leather sweatband, marked Bergen Custom Made Hats.  Bergen was located at 2982 Hudson Blvd, Jersey City, NJ.  This hat was “Styled in the English Manner” and is of 4x ( XXXX ) quality felt.  (Those of you in the know know that the the X system is meaningless as it differs arbitrarily: manufacturer to manufacturer and year to year). The liner logo is similar to that of Mallory, with the array of medals, but is otherwise very different.  Definitely an oddity of a hat.  
Size: 7-3/8Brim Width: 2-5/8″Crown Height: 4″Ribbon Width: 1-1/2″






1910s / 1920s straw hat

This one is ancient and unusual. It’s not a panama, but it’s similar. I’m not sure the country of origin of the straw. Marked Genuine Madagascar, but knowing the old straw names, that could mean anything. Stitched crown with taped seams. White sweatband with nouveau markings. Sold by M.E. Blatt – Importer – Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ.