Hank Snow’s Hudson’s Bay Blanket Coats

Headshot, 1946
It’s only appropriate that Hank Snow wore a Hudson’s Bay Blanket coat. This style of blanket coat was a Canadian icon, as well as being favored by cowboy star, Tom Mix. His coats can be seen here. Like Mix’s coat, Snow’s was custom tailored, and had the unusual detail of the sleeve stripe running lengthwise. Early in his career, Snow wore a similarly styled and creased cowboy hat to Mix. Both also favored bow ties.
 photo Headshot.jpg

Christmas with Hank Snow, 1967
By the 1960s, Snow was wearing a new coat, also custom tailored. It had four pleated patch pockets with an unusual round shape. The coat had a 4×8 double breasted front, and a wrap-around belted back.
 photo Christmas.jpg

Hits Covered by Snow, 1969
 photo Covered.jpg

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Nudie Suit

Why should ’60s Nashville stars have all the fun? Found this original suit on eBay. Sadly, the pants are much too short. Definitely not an all-the-time thing, but it puts a smile on my face to drag it out from time to time.