Joseph Jaeger Jacket

Here’s one from my collection, which is not for sale, but certainly is worth sharing.

I found this jacket at a Salvation Army thrift shop in Halifax Nova Scotia. It was custom made by Joseph Jaeger, a furrier in Berkeley, California, and is truly one of the most unusual pieces of vintage menswear I’ve lucked across. The detailing is odd enough that dating is difficult.

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Reindeer Jacket

I wish I knew more about this jacket. All I know is that it was made by a furrier in California. The cut is a bit unusual, with a square bottom and high button stance- and overall the detailing is unusual enough to make it difficult to date. The tag in it is of an old style, but that wouldn’t be uncommon for a furrier or custom tailor. And then there’s the fabric- it really stands out in a crowd. Reindeer and birds. Thick tapestry-type material. Again, very unusual and exotic. But I can’t put my finger on where it’s from. Nordic? South American? Like the Nudie Suit jacket, this isn’t one that comes out all that often, but when it does, it makes a statement.