1930s Plymouth Caps eight panel


This vintage cap was made by Plymouth caps.  It is unlined and was probably sold as a summer cap, with seven large ventilation grommets behind the brim. It has taped seams and a leather sweatband.

 photo edit plymouth.jpg

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Denim 8 panel cap


This vintage eight panel work cap was made from denim, with unlined construction, taped seams and a brim with concentric stitching for rigidity. With an absence of a snap on the brim, and a plastic rivet to the center inside, I’m leaning toward a date of manufacture in the 1960s, though the proportions and small button on top give it a very passable ’30s look. The cap best fits between a 7-1/8 and 7-1/4.

 photo edit denim cap.jpg

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