LL Bean Boots – a Review

I bought this pair of Bean boots almost four years ago, trying to find a way of combating the winter in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For those of you who haven’t been to Halifax in the winter- it’s a big slushy mess. It snows one day, rains the next and freezes the day after that. It’s a constant cycle of slush, ice, sand and salt. It will soak you to the bone and ruin all but the hardiest footwear. As a student in Halifax, without a car, I walked, a lot. So poorly fitting rubber boots just weren’t going to cut it. I needed something warm, waterproof and comfortable.

These Bean boots fit the bill. These have a goretex and thinsulate lining and they’ve kept me plenty warm and dry. The rubber has kept the salt from destroying anything and the leather uppers ensure a good, comfy fit.

I’ve run the heels and soles down, so it’s about time for them to go back to Maine for a rebuild. Some of the stitching is wearing as well, but since Bean will resole them for a “reasonable cost”, I would think four years in their life is just beginning.






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