1910s Stetson overwelt homburg


This vintage Stetson was made in the 1910s. It is a medium brown fur felt, in a transitional style somewhere between a fedora and a homburg. It has an overwelt brim edge (typical of fedoras), but with a more typically homburg style flange to the brim. There is a wide brown grosgrain ribbon. The trailing edge of the bow has a frayed edge, as was the style of the day.
Inside, the hat has a dark rose colored lining, with gold colored piping, and a detailed “Gold Medal” style imprint. The sweatband is a creamy beige, with a gold embossed Stetson logo, touting their gold medal victories in 1876, 1878, 1889 and 1900. The hat has premier quality felt. It was sold by Jos. Polczynski hatters, 9307 Jos Campau, near Holbrook, Hamtramck, MI. This would later become Henry the Hatter.

Size: 7
Brim Width: 2-3/8″
Crown Height: 5-1/2″
Ribbon Width: 2″
 photo IMG_0044.jpg

 photo IMG_0045.jpg

 photo IMG_0046.jpg

 photo IMG_0047.jpg

 photo IMG_0048.jpg

 photo IMG_0051.jpg

 photo IMG_0053.jpg

 photo IMG_0054.jpg

 photo IMG_0055.jpg

 photo IMG_0056.jpg

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