Montgomery Ward Columbia
This vintage western hat was made in the 1910s or 1920s, and was sold by Montgomery Ward. This style was called the “Columbia” by various manufacturers and was a popular western style at the time.

It is made of black fur felt, with a pencil curled brim, and a narrow ribbon with a western style bow. It has a tall crown, creased with a center dent and front pinches, though the felt is such that it can easily be re-creased as you so choose. The hat is unlined and has a brown leather sweatband, embossed with an early Montgomery Ward crest. The reorder tag, indicating the hat is a size 7, is of a generic style and doesn’t offer many clues as to who made the hat for Montgomery Ward.

Size: 7
Brim Width: 3″
Ribbon Width: 3/8″
Crown Height:5-5/8″

 photo IMG_0433.jpg

 photo IMG_0434.jpg

 photo IMG_0435.jpg

 photo IMG_0437.jpg

 photo IMG_0439.jpg

 photo IMG_0440.jpg

 photo IMG_0442.jpg


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