Deacon E-1 Flight Jacket

Here’s a coat from my collection. Not for sale, but an interesting piece.

This flight suit was made in 1942 by the Canadian company Deacon Brothers. Deacon Brothers had a factory at 133 Dundas St East Belleville, Ontario, and was known primarily for their shirts.

It was sold to me as being RCAF issue, as part of a two piece flight suit. The military style designation number seems to point to that, as do all the specialized details on the front. I have only seen two other flight suits of this design, and only a few other items made by Deacon. I have seen one example of this same design made by S.S. Holden Ltd.. Multiple manufacturers producing identical patterns does point to this having been an issued item, but its current rarity points to it not having been made in large numbers.

 photo IMG_2392.jpg
 photo IMG_2393.jpg
 photo IMG_2396.jpg
 photo IMG_2397.jpg
 photo IMG_2398.jpg
 photo IMG_2399.jpg
 photo IMG_2401.jpg
 photo IMG_2402.jpg
 photo IMG_2424.jpg
 photo IMG_2430.jpg


3 thoughts on “Deacon E-1 Flight Jacket

  1. I have a November 11, 2014 Facebook story about this flight jacket. My Dad was an RCAF bomber pilot in 1943-44. He was from Belleville where Deacon Bros. was located. They sent him a prototype to try out. I wore it all through the sixties as a motorcycle jacket!
    The RCAF museum in Trenton On., has one and is going to do an exhibit with it later this year. Send me an email and I will send you the story.

  2. One such jacket (and the trousers to go with it) turned up here in Norway last year, and I now own it. I was hoping to connect the dots, possibly linking it to a Norwegian airman, but sadly have been unable to do so.

  3. hi just found one and was wondering what they are worth. just the flight jacket in pretty good condition. dont know if i want to sell it or???

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