1920s Bedford Cord breeches

These vintage breeches were made in the 1920s. They are made out of a gray Bedford cord. At some point around 1930, the original owner upgraded them, reinforcing the pocket edges with heavy brown leather, probably elk or deer. He also removed the original belt loops, replacing them with black leather, and extended the legs 2-1/2″ with black leather. The extensions do up with flower patterned snaps, which help date the work. They are a transitional style, with male ends marked “USF Co”, and female ends marked “United Carr”. “USF” stands for “United States Fastener”. They merged with Carr Fastener in 1929 to form “United Carr”, but for a short time during the transition, they used the old USF toolings.
The breeches have a watch pocket, one flapped back pocket and one open. The legs button closed, and the pants have a button fly.

Waist (side to side): 18″ (doubled = 36″)
Inseam: 26″
Outseam: 38″

 photo IMG_0166.jpg

 photo IMG_0167.jpg

 photo IMG_0168.jpg

 photo IMG_0169.jpg

 photo IMG_0170.jpg

 photo IMG_0171.jpg

 photo IMG_0173.jpg

 photo IMG_0174.jpg

 photo IMG_0175.jpg

 photo IMG_0176.jpg

 photo IMG_0177.jpg

 photo IMG_0178.jpg

 photo IMG_0179.jpg


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