Dobbs Fifteen

This vintage fedora was made by Dobbs in the 1940s. It is made of high quality fur felt, has a tall crown with a center-dent crease and front pinches, a black ribbon and bow and coral colored brim binding. This hat sold at the fifteen dollar price point, which was at the higher end of the pricing spectrum at the time. The hat has a brown leather sweatband and a cream colored lining. The hat was originally sold by Klee Bros. and Co., Chicago, IL.

Size: 7-1/4
Brim Width: 3″
Ribbon Width: 1-5/8″
Crown Height: 5-3/4″

 photo IMG_0003.jpg

 photo IMG_0004.jpg

 photo IMG_0005.jpg

 photo IMG_0006.jpg

 photo IMG_0007.jpg

 photo IMG_0008.jpg

 photo IMG_0009.jpg

 photo IMG_0010.jpg

 photo IMG_0011.jpg

 photo IMG_0013.jpg

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