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This site is a repository of sorts. Most of my sales are through eBay.  Rather than let the photos and information go to waste, I catalog it here, as a resource for people interested in vintage clothing and style.

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  1. Hi Spencer:

    I have a shearling bomber jacket with leather finish and another shearling coat with suede finish. Would you know what conditioning/re-conditioning products I could use to extend their life. Unfortunately, Pecard does not ship to where I live (Canada).

    Any advice you can give will be deeply appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. If you ever need a little help with any 70’s era Palm Beach Menswear ID, let me know. I worked for Bob and Elmer Ward in then covering mid-west and Rocky Mountain states. I may be particularly helpful with the leisure wear ID. Sold a ton of them in Ky., Tenn., W.Va.

  3. Love vintage mostly furniture but have a few items of jewelry and clothing. My prize possession is from my grandmother’s, a shear apron with satin red trim and poinsettias for Christmas. I wear it every year, now all need is red lipstick! I look forward viewing more and perhaps I can find a new love for clothing. Have a great day, Allie.

  4. Hello, I also have a HBC coat fetish, so far 6 coats and counting. One question about the “Maine Guide” coat, I have one in mint condition. Was Maine Guide a company? or just a specific style of HBC coat?

  5. I knew a fellow whos father owned Philcraft overcoat factorhy in the 1940s in Minn. is your frim in any way related. Thanks, Milo

  6. I have a hunting vest my Grandpa wore. He passed away in 1940 at the age of 39. I figure the jacket is from the 1920’s 0r ’30’s. Is there a way I could send a couple of photos of it so you could maybe determine what company made it? It is made of a light brown canvas material, has 36 shell holders on the front, none on the back, and has an adjustment strap on the lower back. It has 6 buttons down the front. The location of the tag, which is illegible, is on the top right side of the middle seam, as you are looking at the vest. I saw a green vest on your site with the tag located there, and it was a Redhead brand. Thanks, Keith

  7. the frank mc cloud western hat from the 50s was my Dads stolen from me by the Mast family when my Dad died in 88, Frank made him 3 hats this one was the first one when I was born in 54, I want it back, I have been looking for it since, its not right what they took from me as all his western hats and him and Frank were buddies, he ONLY made western hats for MY dad as had no call for them except from him, we had small ranch on Wanner Rd he got this made when I was born, I AM POSITIVE this is my Dads, I know for a fact! HOW DO I GET THIS HAT BACK , STOLEN IN 88. PLEASE HELP I now live in WY moving to AZ when our home sells, Deb Amole Box 105, 1338 ROAD 5 BYRON WY 82412-0105. Like I said I KNOW this is my Dads hat for a fact! debmilleramole@gmail.com HIs name was Sheridan R. Miller 1924-88 grandson of Arthur SChwemmer

    • Like it says in the post, I sold this hat about six years ago, so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help. The original monogram in the hat, which is a bit hard to make out in the pictures I included in the post, but you can just see it punched into the sweatband on the left side, reads “ALW”.

  8. Greetings, I’m a great grandson of George A. Mattern of Gantner and Mattern playing around with family history and love the 1945 ad of the Gantner swimsuit homage to the Pacific Rim you featured in March of 2013. Is it possible to get a higher resolution version of those images so I can read the print? Thanks for the archival work!

  9. I love your blog, and you have some beautiful pieces. I happened upon your site when I was researching a pair of Woolrich riding or hunting pants that I have had for ages, which are apparently from the 30s; I wouldn’t have known this without your label chart, so thank you! It seems I can’t post photos here, but I’d be happy to send you photos if you’d like to see them.

  10. I really appreciate your site! I love the stuff you sell..coz it’s close to my size! Keep up the great work!

  11. hey,
    I search this 1930 ies monarch Aviator style halfbelt jacket in brown colt leather,
    size XL…
    is there one for sale?

  12. Hello, I am a true fan of vintage menswear and your blog/catalog.. I have a question about an item I found, a pair of wale corduroy jodphers with no label. I do see a name of the metal fasteners ” Dunn & Dick” I’m not sure if these are vintage or not, but I can’t seem to source them. so I was wondering if you’ve heard of this manufacturer?

    Thank You, Kindly

    – Bernard

    • I’m afraid I haven’t run across anything marked Dunn and Dick. If you send me a picture of them, I might be able to give some insight.

  13. Do you have, or know where to get, or someone who can make, any of the Haband Permanent Press 65% Polyester, 35% cotton 2 front pocket button down short sleeve shirts, size 16. They were sometimes or once called “Palo Alto” They made them maybe in the 1980s or 1990s, stopped making them for a while, and then started making them again until about 2004. I am looking for white ones.

    Also the Botany 500 stretch woven slacks – later called western style pockets in front – belted black color size 42 waist 28 or short legs. They were OK till about 2011 then they started making them with defects, first pockets whose seams tore but later the buckle that closed the pants would tend to come off. They were making them in China in the end. They were sold by Blair.

  14. Hi I have a 1918 Burberrys Paris Mens Bomber jacket in good condition considering its age! Any offers or suggestions where I could sell this?

  15. I have an old red and black plaid hunting jacket. the label Is American Field product of the Hettrick MFG. Co. out of Toledo Ohio. The pic isn’t of the goose or duck I see on others. It looks like some kind of family crest. Do you know anything about it?
    Kind Regards,
    angel smith

  16. Here is a question from Germany. I am a friend of Whippet racing dogs. I collect nearly all things associated with Whippets. More than 15 years I have acquired a “Royal de Luxe by Stetson Whippet”. Inside are 3 racing Whippets visible. The hat has the number 391 619
    I check regularly on the Internet, the Whippet hats – but had never yet seen anyone who has these dogs. Who can help me? How old is the hat? Is the hat especially rare? Are the other hats
    with Whippets? Thank you in advance for your support.
    Best regards from Germany

  17. Hello, I am wondering if you’d be able to gauge the age of a jacket I bought at a local thrift store. It’s a “Rogers Peet” long pea coat. It’s brown and only has the “Rogers Peet” label on the inside breast pocket which is on the right side (I found this odd because all other pea coats and trench coats I’ve owned that pocket was on the left for a righty). Also has a left outer breast pocket, besides that just three button up the front and the forth for the lapels. Let me know if you have any idea the age by this information. P.S. The label only reads “New York~Boston”. Saw one with Washington on it and was not sure if that indicates the beginning middle or end of the company.

  18. Do you know the value range of Wig Wam brand sweaters. They seem to be out of business.I have my grandfathers Black V neck sweater from the 50’s or maybe 40’s. The label says Wig Wam Brand Hand knit hosiery Co. Sheboygan, Wis. It’s a beautiful knit in great shape and unfortunately I have never been able to wear it much because it’s too small.
    Thank You,

  19. Hello – Just ran across your interesting site … noticed a tag for incredible artist & friend John Baeder in Nashville. We make all natural boot wax here in East Nashville … wondering if you might want to carry our products? Please check out our website – we’d love to hear from you! Happiest of Holidays to You, The Nashville Wax Co.

  20. My great, great grandfather was Joseph Polczynski, if you ever come across another hat sold by him please let me know. Jos Polcyznski Hatters est 1919 Hamtramck, MI

  21. Hello,
    I just purchased this vintage Woolrich wool shirt from the 1950s, with the original tag still on it and the cleaning instructions. Its in impeccable condition for its age, no moth holes or anything. How much does a shirt like this in the condition it’s in go for?

  22. Hi, my names Matt and I’m really hoping you can help! I was at a auction today and picked up a vintage deerskin fringed jacket with some research I found out it is a W.B. Place and company jacket from the 1950s from Hartford wi. Imnot sure what it’s worth or what to do with it so please when you get a chance email me I’d really appreciate your expertise.

  23. Hi, I found a money belt that belonged to my grandfather. It is light soft leather with two zippers and a buckle that is the same as modern belts, with the multiple holes to starch to. Idk what that’s called exactly lol. But the two zippers say “nu zip” and based off of your blog that dates this belt to the 30’s. I would greatly appreciate help in figuring out what I have. If possible I can email pictures of the belt. Also it has a stamp on the back that was not well done so I can only make out the number 40 and underneath it says belts with other writing. Thanks!

  24. Hello:

    A friend is interested in an EXTRA EXTRA large (size 50) Hudson Bay Duffle Coat for men, with the traditional colors of red, yellow, and white. Please keep me posted about availability and price at my email, davidrhys995@gmail.com

    David Rhys

  25. Hello,
    I have one of those grey woollen 1950’s Swiss great/trench coat and would like to source some more of the grey plastic/Bakelite type buttons that are used on it. Can you advise a source? I’ve checked ebay and the internet without luck so far.
    Thanks for time,

  26. Hi – y’all have a killer eye for the good stuff and ur knowledge is impressive! I saw mention of a stockpile of vintage talon zippers. I am in need of at least 2 for 2 of my buco leathers. The main zip on a j21 and i need to check which other. Might u have it?

  27. Hi there! I have a vintage Stetson Open Road. It’s stamped “The Open road” on the inside band along with 4x Beaver. I LOVE the hat but I was wondering: do you know if Stetson ever changed the brim size of their Open Road? It is across the board now 2 3/4 but this one is 2″ on the dot.

    Just wondering if you could shed any light. (Tried the Fedora Lounge but no help there)

    Thanks you so much for any insights!


  28. I am looking for information on a Woolrich jacket I recently acquired. The jacket is woolen, partly black, partly a green/brown/black plaid (sleeves and yoke); the rear yoke is caped; the breast pockets button, and the two lower pockets are open and deep; the cuffs and front button. I know mine is fairly modern (plastic buttons being a relatively recent invention), but I have seen illustrations of similar jackets in Victorian-era sources, usually styled “shooting jackets” or “shooting coats”. The Woolrich label is of the signature type (no sheep), with the cursive in black with a red accent, and a double frame (outer is black, inner red); the size label is, alas, missing, but based on how well it fits me I’d guess it to be a 48. There is also a small suede label on the edge of one lower pocket. The previous owner obviously cherished this jacket, as it was quite well cared for. And it is also quite comfortable–Woolrich could do worse than to revive the style! I’d like to know 1.) how long Woolrich was making this particular style; 2.) how old my particular version of it might be. Thank you.

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