1960s Miners Boots


These boots were bought in the 1960s for a driller with the Anaconda Mining Company of Montana.  They are a size 14AA, have a soft toe and measure 13-1/4″ by 4-5/8″, and 9-1/2″ bottom of the sole to top of the shaft. Though the owner’s daughter in law referred to them as Whites, and the pattern is identical to Whites of that period, there are no longer any visible brand markings on these.

 photo edit whites 1.jpg

 photo DSCF4653.jpg

 photo DSCF4654.jpg

 photo DSCF4655.jpg

 photo DSCF4656.jpg

 photo DSCF4657.jpg

 photo DSCF4658.jpg

 photo DSCF4660.jpg

 photo DSCF4661.jpg

 photo DSCF4662.jpg

 photo DSCF4663.jpg

 photo DSCF4664.jpg


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