Rust colored Dobbs Fedora
This vintage fedora was made by Dobbs for Wallach’s department store. It is a light rust colored fur felt with a long-nap finish. It has a raw edge brim and an olive green ribbon. It has a black leather sweatband, which has had the original markings redacted, and a replacement liner added with a generic crest. The liner is of a type more commonly seen in bowler hats, with a card backed liner tip. I’ve had several of these “redacted” hats over the years, I think they were unsold stock that was later re-marketed as a house brand by a different store.

Size: Tagged a 7-1/4 (although it measures out to a 7-1/8)
Brim Width: 2-3/4″
Ribbon Width: 1-3/8″
Crown Height: 5-5/8″

 photo IMG_1214.jpg

 photo IMG_1215.jpg

 photo IMG_1216.jpg

 photo IMG_1217.jpg

 photo IMG_1218.jpg

 photo IMG_1219.jpg

 photo IMG_1220.jpg

 photo IMG_1221.jpg

 photo IMG_1222.jpg

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