Early 1930s Woolrich Hunting Breeches

This pair of vintage hunting breeches was made in the early to mid 1930s by Woolrich. These pants feature the earliest Woolrich tag variant I’ve been able to find, used in the early 1930s, and still bearing the John Rich and Bros. name. While most companies did not put zippers into pants until a big advertising push by Talon in the late 1930s, these were made with a zipper fly and zip-up legs. All three zippers are heavy fan-shaped versions with a pin lock. In addition to the zippers, the ends of the breeches lace up. The pants have the early style metal suspender buttons with the “All Wool” text cast in. Later, Woolrich would switch over to plain suspender buttons. Someone has enlarged the waist of these, using heavy duck canvas, of the type used on tents and other hunting garments. They have also added a knit section from the waistband by the left pocket down to the center seam, the purpose of which I have been unable to determine. The breeches have a reinforced seat and knees and buttoned, flapped rear pockets.

Waist: 19″ (doubled = 38″)
Inseam: 28-1/2″
Outseam: 40″
Rise: 11-1/2″

 photo IMG_0265.jpg

 photo IMG_0271.jpg

 photo IMG_0268.jpg

 photo IMG_0270.jpg

 photo IMG_0272.jpg

 photo IMG_0273.jpg

 photo IMG_0275.jpg

 photo IMG_0276.jpg

 photo IMG_0277.jpg

 photo IMG_0280.jpg

 photo IMG_0284.jpg

 photo IMG_0285.jpg

 photo IMG_0287.jpg

 photo guide.jpg


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