Before and After

I do a lot of my buying, as well as my selling through eBay. Unfortunately, what I get isn’t always what I’m expecting. This hat for instance, dated from the 1920s or early 1930s, but it had been packed in a flat priority mail box- one of the one that’s about three inches tall. Problem is, a hat like this is about 6 inches tall, and while all hats are crushable, the un-crushable part of things is where most struggle. A bit of steam and a bit of water, though, and it’s amazing the difference. Not quite perfect- that would require a full set of hatters blocks, but a world better.

This photo illustrates the difference between buying from most sellers and from vintage-haberdashers. This is the same hat, as I bought it, and as I sold it. I did a bit of minor cleaning and shaping, but mostly its the photography. I buy a lot of hats that are kind of a pig in a poke. One or two pictures, no real clear description. Some times they work out. Some times they don’t- but that’s the nature of the game. When you buy from me, you know what you’re getting. Clear pictures with accurate color, and all possible details documented. Size, crown height, brim width, ribbon width, all measured.

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