Resistol Cowboy Hat
This vintage cowboy hat was made by Resistol. It is chocolate brown and has the brim turned down front and back. It has a three inch brim, the model name is the County Sherif (their spelling, not mine), the official color was known as brass, and the original price was $20.

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Forest Service Stratton Campaign Hat
This hat was made by Stratton for the US Forest Service. It is made from Stratton’s heavyweight fur felt. Originally, it was flanged similar to a fedora, rather than the flat brim of Army or Park Service campaign hats, and had a center dent. It has been re-creased, and the brim has been re-shaped through wear. It is a 7-3/8.

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1940s Dobbs 20 fedora
This vintage Dobbs fedora was made in the 1940s. It is a thin ribboned style, and originally sold for $20, making it an upmarket model at the time. It is a 6-7/8, has a 5-1/2″ crown, and at some point became the original owner’s fishing hat here in the rivers and streams of Montana.

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1940s Portis Fedora
This vintage fedora was made in the 1940s by Portis. It is their “Crest” model. It has a wide brim with narrow binding, a teardrop crown and a mid-width ribbon with distinctively Portis mother of pearl ring in place of a traditional bow. It has a transitionally reeded sweatband, marked, “Portis – America’s Best Value”, “Swansback Water Repellent – Cushion Band”, and, “Montana’s Largest Mens Store – Weins – 33 35 37 E Park St. Butte”. The liner has the Portis logo and reads, “Portis – Fashioned By Hand – Swan’s Down Finish”.

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