1950s Jeweled Studded Belt

This vintage studded jeweled belt was made in the 1950s from Pennant Steerhide. It has an embossed floral pattern, red, blue, amber and green jewels, a western “good luck” horsehshoe and cloverleaf buckle, retainer and end. It measures 29-1/2″ at the smallest hole and 33″ at the largest. This would probably fit someone who wears size 30 pants the best.

 photo IMG_0385.jpg

 photo IMG_0474.jpg

 photo IMG_0462.jpg

 photo IMG_0465.jpg

 photo IMG_0467.jpg

 photo IMG_0469.jpg

 photo IMG_0470.jpg

 photo IMG_0471.jpg

 photo IMG_0472.jpg

Deadstock mid 1930s Talon Fantail Zippers

This rare vintage zipper was produced by Talon from the early to mid 1930s. In their advertising, this style was the style 110, while the slightly larger version was known as the style 109. The last photo shows a 110 and a 109 side by side for size comparison purposes. It is a pin lock style, with D-shaped stops at the top. According to original advertisements, these were sold with white cotton tape so that they could be dyed to match. These are a closed end, open top style, perfect for sleeve openings on motorcycle jackets and the like. The zipper track measures 3″, while the tape from end to end measures 4-1/2″.

 photo IMG_0007-Copy.jpg

 photo IMG_0008.jpg

 photo IMG_0009.jpg

 photo IMG_0012.jpg

 photo IMG_0013.jpg

 photo IMG_0015.jpg

 photo 110.jpg

 photo 109.jpg

 photo IMG_0017-Copy.jpg

Granate Protektor Gauntlets by Wilson


These vintage gauntlets were made are “Granate”  Protektor sold by Wilson Brothers.  They are mitten style, with Wilson branded snaps.  They are in incredible condition, still soft and supple.  Perfect for motoring or motorcycle riding.  I’ve attached an ad from 1910 for similar models from the same company.  Size 9.







WWII sheepskin gauntlets


These vintage mittens were made during WWII and are named to a Captain Bill Grall.  They are fully sheepskin, with a tanned finish on the hand and a raw finish on the gauntlet.  They have what looks to be a horsehide reinforcement pull panel on the gauntlet, as well as a horsehide gusset. The leather is still supple and the sheepskin is in great shape.  Though they appear to be a handmade, non issue item, they would match a wartime sheepskin B-3 or Irvin, or are perfect to go with a vintage motorcycle jacket.



A tie, then and now

It’s always cool when you can find photos of vintage clothes worn in their natural habitat. And not just “oh that’s pretty similar”, but something of the same pattern, clearly identifiable. I gave the below tie to my friend Florian, and he shot me a message today saying he’d tracked it down. Here’s a shot of the same tie in action, in 1941′s Hellzapoppin’.